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    The Teuchter's Comedy Club
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  • In 2017, a crack commando unit of comedy teuchters was sent to prison by a PC criminal court, for a comedic crime they didn't commit...bastards!!

    These teuchters promptly escaped from a surprisingly lax maximum security stockade to the Inverness underground with the help of a culturally sound lady of the night called Brenda.

    Today...still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of comedy!

    If you need a giggle, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The Teuchter's Comedy Club!!

    The Teuchter's Comedy Club is a local and outrageous comedy club based in Inverness, and readily available and hitting venues around the Highlands, even Wick...that's right, even Wick! No joke! !

    All of this before World domination...naturally.

    The mission we have here is to encourage the growth of a wonderful environment of comedy in the Highlands of Scotland! Too long have our sons and daughters walked around with dour bored faces and grimaces..it's time to smile!

    We are currently housed by the area's wonderful and slightly inebriated venues...they would have to be to let us in!!

    One day we will have our own club...we will build it, and you will come...Kevin...

    We can also facilitate and run;

    - Weekly/Monthly shows in Inverness
    - Comedy Events
    - Corporate gigs
    We even do Comedy Workshops for KIDS...I know!!!

    We also supply comedians for bespoke events...if you promise not to break them! Minimal roughing up is allowed.

    And we are always interested to hear from businesses looking for sponsoring and advertising opportunities.

    In the mean time, keep checking our page for updates, LIKE it and SHARE it, get in touch for more info...and we will see you soon! We will be the ones holding the mics!!


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