• North West Highlands Geopark
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  • The North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark offers one of the best opportunities to explore wild places in Europe.

    UNESCO awards Geopark status to regions of international scientific importance to geology across the world where communities get together to promote and steward their landscapes for education, tourism and sustainable economic development.

    That means Geoparks are truly 'bottom-up' organisations which are recognised on the world stage.

    But it isn't just about geology.

    Because unique landscapes are a product of unique geology cultural development in these regions is often also quite unique and special, so celebrating cultural heritage and practices is also an important part of being a Geopark.

    In the North West Highlands we have some of the oldest rocks in western Europe, some of the earliest fossils anywhere in the world and a mind boggling variety of different rocks and geological processes for visitors to explore.

    The unique landscapes we have in the North West Highlands are all about open space, mountains, sea and sky. This creates a strong sense of remoteness, exhilaration and freedom.

    The communities however are warm, welcoming and reassuring to visitors. Their location on the edge of the Atlantic ocean and the periphery of the mainland UK has meant that subsistence here has always been a battle against the weather and odds. This has resulted in an extremely resilient and determined population and a unique culture.

    The combination of exhilarating outdoor activities, spectacular road networks and educational facilities for visitors and scientists matched with cosy accommodation, roaring fires and good food makes a visit to the North West Highlands Geopark an experience of a lifetime.


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