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  • NSFV = No Substitute For Victory.

    My name is Martin, and up until four years ago, I was overweight (even clinically obese at various stages) and inactive. I had no place for fitness or training in my life and was definitely void of victory. But, I found what I needed to win that battle and as result, it gave me purpose.

    That purpose is taking everything I've learned and continue to learn, everything I've experienced, all the changes I've made and helping YOU. Helping you to realize your own victories in training, in competition (if you compete!), and day-to-day. Fitness can have a place in YOUR life regardless of who you are, what you do, and where you come from. And, I'm committed to not only helping YOU find that place but finding continued progress, achievement, and victory!

    I truly believe based on my own experiences, and that of what I've seen from others, that no matter how bad things are, how uncertain life may be - choosing to work for a victory in training, will birth additional victories in life!

    There's no substitute for that! :)


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