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    Neon Waltz

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    12 May 19:30 - 13 May 01:30
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  • That the world is blessed with the swirling, melodic rock of ‘Britain’s most northerly band’ is some kind of miracle. Standing on the tip of the nation, three quarters of your vision is taken up by the epic expanse of water that, though pock marked by quaint archipelagos in the distance, only ends the Arctic Circle. Behind you, the rest of the country unfurls, but it’s a long way to Glasgow, Manchester or London. Here, in John O’Groats, six, stranded kindred spirits found each other and transcended geography and the odds to build record collections, amass musical instruments and, finally, win favour in those distant towns and cities with their own set of intricately crafted songs.

    “Scotland’s coolest new gang” (NME) are Jordan Shearer (Vocals), Darren Coghill (Drums), Kevin Swanson (Guitar), Jamie Swanson (Guitar), Calvin Wilson (Bass) and Liam Whittles (Keyboards).

    £9 adv | Standing | Over 14s (under 16s with adult)