• Beyond Doorways One

  • 9 June 10:00 - 13:00
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  • This one-day workshop that enables you to work with and understand the fundamental teachings and healing procedures detailed within Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright.It concentrates on specific procedures that enable you to participate in your own healing and ascension process. This workshop enables you to understand how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending into a new dimension, reality and world. ‘At this vital time of Earth and human transition, this workshop is a must for everyone!’

    In support of the teachings revealed in Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright, this workshop provides the empowerment and self-mastery tools we all need at this vital time of ascension and change. Though many of the procedures in this workshop can be practised simply by purchasing Beyond Doorways, attending the workshop templates and grids you into the frequencies, supporting you to fully understand its technology.

    This profound and transformational one-day workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the Earth and human changes, but will also teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. It will support you to maintain wellness, and to provide the same support to your friends and family.

    When you undertake the Beyond Doorways Level 1 Workshop you will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

    Workshop Manual.
    Full colour template.
    Vogel crystal wand.
    The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences.

    (This workshop does not include supply of the Beyond Doorways book. You will need to purchase this independently, preferably prior to attending the workshop).

    Your investment: £300

    A non refundable deposit of £120 is required when booking. To allow the inclusions to arrive from Australia, places need to be booked by 23rd April For ease of payment I can also provide a payment scheme.

    Not able to do this date but wanting to do the workshop? Please contact me to arrange a more suitable date.